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A1 C&N – feedback

I received positive feedback on assignment 1 (for assignment see here), which I found valuable. Full feedback in pdf is attached below, and I note important points for me to work on here:

  1. Address any issues with assignments at any time up to assessment – a change in mindset to think of the module as a continuous piece of work, rather than sequential parts. In this case, I’d highlighted difficulties with the weather and consistency in composition between the two sets.
  2. The feedback includes some specific suggestions on the shots, which I should revisit when it comes to a reshoot.
  3. Advice that contextual content was a little technical-heavy at the expense of reflection on other practitioners. I think this is a hang-over from the initial assignments of EYV when this was stated as a requirement, but perhaps not intended to be continued forward.
  4. Reference / research material to follow-up upon:
    1. Flusser book (see here)
    2. Work of Mark Klett (see here)
    3. Work of Nicky Bird (see here)

See pdf of feedback: Andrew Fitzgibbon – Assignment 01 – Feedback Report

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