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A1 C&N – rework


The original submission (November 2015) for assignment 1 is here and my tutor’s feedback on the work submitted here. This post deals with the rework of the assignment to improve technical aspects of the shoot and outcome. The concept behind the assignment is unchanged from the original submission.

Two specific aspects of the original shoot needed to be addressed: a) the quality of the night images was not the best because high winds made it unwise to use a tripod, so they were taken at high ISO and noise is evident and; b) there was inconsistency of view point between the pairs of day and night images.

Revised process

The camera used was a Fuji X100T with fixed 23mm lens (efl 35mm). The night images were shot as during the first session – all at ISO 400, and f/11 with long exposures (up to 15 seconds), using a solid tripod and a 2 second shutter-release delay set in camera. Unlike in the original submission, where Photoshop was used, Lightroom was used for processing, including black and white conversion and selective adjustments to the highlights and shadows in the images. The change in processing tool reflects my increase knowledge and competence in using Lightroom.

Once the final selects were made from the night images, reference copies were printed and taken on the street to assist in camera positioning for the day images.

The images

There are 3 pairs of day and night photos, reflecting the concept explained in the original version of this work; ‘my story is of night and day, of fear and normality.’

Click image to view as gallery slideshow


This is my updated conclusion, following the rework. Following the original work, I’d concluded that the concept was not as successfully executed as I’d hoped (see here for details).

Against the OCA assessment criteria I conclude:

Demonstration of technical skills – effective use of camera in low-light conditions, with high contrast street lights. Effective use of Lightroom in post-processing to emphasise darkness, shadows and street lamp highlights. In the rework, carrying reference pictures of the night shots to obtain more closely matching shots for the day images ensured greater consistency between the sets of images.

Quality of outcome – the concept is a good interpretation of the brief and the photographs in the context of the story are plausible.

Demonstration of creativity – I avoided the temptation to look for the unusual or extraordinary in the street scenes and took straight images in an attempt to express the spirit of the town and reflect the story context; an ordinary perspective to add credibility to the story.

Context – (at November 2015) I’ve been very active in my learning log for part one of C&N, with 24 pieces of research and reflection and 6 coursework activities ( see index here) and feel that I’ve gained a good grasp of the principles of context and narrative within photography.

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