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A3 C&N – student feedback

I posted some working drafts of my images to the OCA 1 Facebook page  to ask for comments on how the images were read. The discussion is replicated below. Of particular interest were the readings not in my original intention – comments on Britishness and Brexit; strangely, given the current political climate, I did not think of these readings. The next time I post a similar question, it would be interesting to attempt to anticipate readings that are not within my original intention!

Facebook discussion

Feedback please good people. Attached are the images I’m planning to use for my C&N self-portrait assignment. I won’t share my intention in advance, but would be interested to hear how you read them as well as any comments on the images themselves. Thank you!

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Peter Walker I really like these, I’m sensing trying show sence of frustration perhaps the difficulties of travel.
One point I would bring up is photocopy of passport – there used to copyright issues colour copying then even recording Id when opening banking accounts, double check you not doing anything untoward by mistake.

Peter Walker Or the frustration of being British, which is a daily struggle as an expat.

Andrew Fitzgibbon Thanks for raising the copyright question – I’ve looked into it and the sensitive area seems to be around using the Crown coat of arms, though more in a commercial context or passing-off as royalty. Though even for commercial purposes the Queen has apparently waived the need for permission in the run up to her 90th birthday celebrations!

Rob Townsend Good shots. I read it as either a straightforward ‘identity crisis’ smile emoticon or maybe more specifically a comment on government surveillance.

Steve Davis I thought frustration related to travel. Maybe you feel you’d like to travel more. Then I thought about the british passport and wondered if the frustration was more to do with nationality not travel.

Chas Bedford My first thought was Number Six’s rant, “I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! My life is my own!”

Catherine Banks “I’m British through and through – I think”. Or – “My face is my passport to …”

Holly Woodward A life ruled by travel, or alternatively identity crisis.

Simon Chirgwin A couple of possibles: frustration at being defined by the Lion and the Unicorn that are there on your face like a Maori tattoo; tiredness with too much international travel; and from my experience of time spent in the FSU and the Russian visa in the bSee more

Jayne Arksey I thought it was frustration due to something to do with bring British. Felt like you were trying to get the passport, therefore being British off your face.

Kat Kyriakides Wow!! These are fantastic. Great job ? I get a feeling of not being able to escape the lack of freedom these days. I see a visa in the background. Travelling used to be something that was freeing. But these days we are watched where ever we go.

Lynda Wearn I really like these. Trying to make a point about identity, nationality or frustration with red tape – I see there is a visa in the background all in all brilliant though

Kate Aston Trapped in an airport lounge or the security queue?

Lee Hard Very good idea I also get the travel/frustration/freedom thing…

Paul Storer Or maybe the feeling you don’t exist unless you have a passport – I haven’t got one and it’s becoming so hard to prove my identity without it

Dawn Langley It made me wonder about choice and whether you were being sent places because of work or some other commitment rather than choosing too. The anguish of being torn between travel and home maybe…

Kate Aston Trying to separate yourself from your digital identity?

Morris Gallagher I read it that your true identity has been overcome by ‘Travelling man’ which is very frustrating

Andrew Fitzgibbon You are spot on with my intention! And there are a few layers to the meaning that I don’t think it’s possible to see without context.

Lynda Kuit #2 almost seems like you are trying to take off your “mask of Britishness”. Great images!

Nuala Mahon “In bits due to being on the road”. BTW there is a great video in Digital Photography about breakign up bits of an image which might add even more punch – Poor you…..

Kate Aston Brexit? Should I stay or should I go…

Andrew Fitzgibbon Thanks everyone – there’s an element of most of your readings in my intention (apart from the Britishness angle). I’ll post the full write-up when done in case anyone would like to read.

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