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A3 C&N – trial rework

In the feedback I received on assignment 3 (see here), there was a suggestion that I should try the coloured images in a high contrast black and white format. In this post, I discuss the output of that trial.

I’d retained the layered photoshop files in case of rework, so chose my preferred image and added additional layers for the black and white conversion – these were B&W tone, curves, dodge, burn layers. And, disabled the finishing layers for the coloured image. In addition, I added some blur to the impression of the passport covering my face – in retrospect it was perhaps a little too sharp for a tattoo-like mask. I also did this for the colour version of the image shown below.

While the black and white image offers improved contrast (ruddy complexion of my face is toned down) and dodging brings the eyes out more, the complexity and intrigue in the backdrop is lost somewhat – in particular the branded elements (eg Facebook) are not readily identified without the colour that makes up part of the brand identity.

In the end, I’ve decided to stick with the images as presented. I also checked the colour version of the image in the original submission against the adjusted image here and, in fact, prefer the original.


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