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A5 C&N – preparation: review of C&N studies

In preparation for the final assignment of C&N, Making it up, I have made a survey of my course work, looking for ideas and inspiration for the assignment. While reading through, I’ve also taken the opportunity to perform any edits to earlier post; either for errors previously not spotted or to include images in any posts that appear too text-heavy in light of my current blogging practice.

Here I record notes of ideas and links to the original blog posts for easy reference:

  • Post processing – consider use of cinematic-style colour grading, particularly if darkened cellar is used as backdrop (see here for technique). See exercise on Scorsese, The Good Fellas (here) for example of cinematic lighting effects.
  • Experiment with combining sound-scape / music with images, eg In the Shadow of the Pyramids by Laura El-Tantawy; also revisit the work of Jason Evans (see here).
  • Reflect on personal memories – life-choices – as ideas for construction. Reference Bate, The Memory of Photography (see here). Is there something in old personal photos I can draw upon?
  • In Contemporary Art and Memory: Images of Recollection and Remembrance, by Joan Gibbons (see here) the topics of ego (within self-portrait) and the divide between private and public in auto-biographical works are discussed. What divides and self-representation of ego influence my own work?
  • ‘All photographs are momento mori (Sontag)’ – or literally, ‘remember you must die’ (discussed by Hirsch in Family Frames here). In a double self-portrait, could I superimpose an image of my younger self, or otherwise incorporate an image to reference ageing and experience?
  • For ideas on semiotics in the image refer to the book, This means this, this means that,  by Sean Hall (post here). Also, Barthes’ The Rhetoric of Image (see here)
  • Work of other photographers if this project is to include self-portraiture – revisit the book Auto Focus (see here).

Looking back over my blog makes me mindful that much ground has been covered in a seemingly short time.

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