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A5 C&N: tutor feedback

I received positive feedback (pdf linked below) on assignment 5 (submission here) , and some overall feedback and advice for preparing for the upcoming assessment. This was highly appreciated.

My tutor recommended following up on a further piece of context:

‘I’d like you to take a look at the current work of a practitioner called Marc Henry. He has created a body of work that is entitled ‘Family Fictions’ where he has manipulated family photographs to include himself with the father he never actually met. I think the work was completed for an MA in Photography at UCLAN.’ [Update at 13.9.16 – made contact at the beginning of August but no response received by the time of assessment submission]

This has been followed up in a separate blog post.

While no rework was suggested for the image, when I looked back on it I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the post-processing. I wanted more clarity in the image and the 16:9 crop felt like a compromise to reduce the visual impact of the white cellar wall. Since completing the assignment my skill and and knowledge has developed and I therefore decided to reprocess the image. See rework here.

PDF of tutor feedback: http://context.fitzgibbonphotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Andrew-Fitzgibbon-Assignment-05-Feedback-Report.pdf

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