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A5 EVY – feedback

I received my tutor’s feedback on assignment 5 (for submission see here). While she liked the images, she commented on the missing engagement with the theoretical context (reference to photographers practicing staged work). I’m never entirely sure that my tutor reads my of my blog containing the preparatory work around the assignments – for example, she mentioned I could have referred to David Hockney, who I’d already specifically researched in my preparation. Nonetheless, she did mention some other useful references to follow up on and suggested that I rework the written component of the assignment.

I’ve also concluded to avoid the risk of tutors not reading (or having time to read) the context around the assignment submission, it is necessary to repeat any reference to this in the short submission. The submission needs to be stand-alone, without the for reference to the blog.

The additional research recommended was:

  1. The absurd (Erwin Wurm, Isabelle Wentzel)
  2. The constructed (Jeff Wall, Duane Michaels)
  3. Critical writing about staged photography (Alice Mayers series Rocket and Liz Well’s ‘a critical introduction’)

Tutor feedback is attached as a pdf: andrew_fitzgibbon_assignment_5_feedback


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