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A5: Rework


Tutor feedback on the original assignment is here, and the original assignment here. No rework was suggested, but a few months on I felt I could do a better job of post-processing the composite photos to provide a clearer image, allowing the detailed elements to be more easily read.

This post just provides the reworked image, with the context and other information remaining unchanged from the original assignment post.


The difference in processing was using a different approach to capture sharpening of the Fuji x-trans sensor files (different to the typical bayer sensors), ensuring basic image adjustments were made before making the composite in Photoshop and finalising the processing of the composite image back in Lightroom, rather than in Photoshop. The final image has been left as colour, whereas the original submission was a monochrome image.


A5 rework #1


As original submission.

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