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Absurdist art

On the back of my EYV assignment 5, I was persuaded to look into absurdist art.

Gafney explains Erwin Wurm’s one minutes sculptures that were created out of anything and anyone available on the spot. The results are absurd and comical – a man with various stationery placed in his facial orifices; like an extreme version of Edmund Blackadder feigning madness.

Source: itsnicethat.com, one minute sculpture by Urwin Wurm
Source: itsnicethat.com, one minute sculpture by Urwin Wurm

Isabel Wenzel’s photographs capture her own body movements (or those of others) in absurd positions – for example posing upside-down as a flower pot. In the American Suburbx interview, she explains her working methods – a tripod, the clothes she’s decided to dress up in and the camera’s auto-timer are used to capture her own movements. She repeats each pose until she captures a successful image. Her images are both absurd and constructed.

Wenzel’s images can be viewed on the website’s referenced.


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