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Aho & Soldan at Helsinki Airport

I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy a completely unplanned visit to a photo exhibition – one I chanced upon while transiting through Helsinki Airport! An interesting context for displaying work – waiting areas that are often filled with nothing but nondescript grey walls.

Heikki Ano (1895-1961) and Bjorn Soldan (1902-1953) are Finnish artists, described as pioneers in experimental photography and producing the most prolific body of work in inter-war Scandinavian modernism.

The exhibition space was set up as room within a room, using block walls and with seating for waiting passengers within the room. Passengers seem to be surprised and interested in the work – probably a welcome diversion during an otherwise tedious wait at an airport.

Most of the work on display was very well executed street scenes, though I believe that their oeuvre is much broader than this.

While I’d previously seen the formal space at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam for the Rjikes Museum, I found the use of the temporary structure to display art in Helsinki Airport exciting and innovative.


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