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Art Photography Now – book review

At the time of reading, Susan Bright’s Art Photography Now is over a decade old – so good for picking up a used copy at a heavy discount (my copy is ex University of the Arts London). The book features the work of 80 artists through 261 pictures.

In the introduction Bright discusses how she arrived at the organisation for her survey of the work; a structure being necessary for her analysis and for the book to form a useful body of reference for the reader. The introduction also includes an overview of the development of photography as an art medium. The organisation of the book is a great success, within genre sections, that allow each chapter to provide a survey of the genre.  Bright also includes and overview or short history of each genre at the beginning of each section. Then, for each artist, a brief introduction the them and their work, followed by an explanation from the artist on a selected piece of their own work.

The sections included are: portrait, landscape, narrative, object, fashion, document and city, all prefaced with Bright’s analysis of the genre. Bright’s analyses as well as the photos and photographers make excellent reference for research related to the genres. Further reading is also referenced in an appendix to the book.

A welcome addition to my collection of books, which will serve me well in future research!


Bright S (2005). Art Photography Now. London. Thames & Hudson Ltd.

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