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A3 EYV – feedback

Key points from feedback from tutor:

  1. Avoid using captions at this stage of the course as they demand the viewer to have only one reading of the images. This contradicts the suggestion in the OCA material for assignment 1 of ‘adding captions if you feel it would benefit’. However, I understand the thinking of allowing images to communicate multiple / ambiguous meanings.
  2. Tutor would have liked to see more engagement with street photography now. Specifically referencing: the book Street Photography Now and street photographers such as Garry Winogrand, Joel Meyerowitz, Walker Evans (Subway), Wegee, William Eggleston etc. When looking at the images, analyse what makes the images remarkable.
  3. Tutor commented that she would have like to have seen contact sheets. These were actually included in the blog, so I must check whether she missed these or means she’d like to have seen prints of the contact sheets.
  4. Mentions that she would like to see the work shot in colour, with thought about framing and distance from the subject.
  5. Advice for next project:

Your next assignment requires a linking theme, i.e. something to hold your project together. Don’t forget to research and experiment. Work through your ideas both visually and theoretically. Don’t be afraid to play and be experimental – remember you are trying to find your own voice here and push yourself.

Tutor’s feedback is attached as pdf: andrew_fitzgibbon_assignment_3_feedback

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