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A3 EYV – rework contact sheets


See my separate post (assignment 3 – rework) for an explanation of this work. In this post, I include my contact sheets and specific comments on images that did not make the final selection, but I nonetheless consider to be good photos.

Contact sheets and notes

Below is a gallery of my contact sheets. The images I considered as contenders for the final edit, but in the end were excluded are:

  • #1 – juxtaposition of train colours and interestingly dressed girl. No fit with obscured theme.
  • #12 – overloaded baggage trolley topped with brightly coloured bag and girl trying to manoeuvre it. No fit with obscured theme.
  • #25 – contrast between highly dressed woman and highly ‘vizzed’ cyclist. Woman has back to us, but weak fit with theme.
  • #61 – unwelcome bench companion to girl with red hair. No fit with theme.
  • #79 – my personal favourite of lone lady sitting under curtain display in Leeds market. No fit with theme.
  • #91 – bright price signs against cacophony of clothes colours. No fit with theme.
  • #97 – juxtaposition of blue signs and arrows. No fit with theme.
  • #133 – high contrast car colour and car lights under railway bridge. No fit with theme.

There are a number of obviously sub-standard images. Some of which are the unavoidable result of attempting to capture a potentially good subject but the scene changes. Others are avoidable – where I’m clearly not close enough to the subject to fill the frame and make the image compelling. I need to eliminate these kind of shots.

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