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A4 EYV – preparation

As a distance learning student at OCA you’re not an ‘autodidact’; you have the benefit of tutor reports and a formal assessment at the end of each course. One of the ways to make the most of tutor reports is to rework assignments after receiving feedback. In fact it’s a good idea to approach the whole course – exercises, contextual research and assignments – as an ongoing body of work, until you decide you’re ready to enter for assessment. With this in mind, Assignment Four asks you to return to one of the exercises from Part Four and develop it into a formal assignment submission.

(OCA. Expressing Your Vision, p97)

This assignment, The Language of Light, requires a series of between 6 and 10 images with a connecting theme, based on a reworking of one of the exercises from part 4; day light, artificial light, or studio light.

In my studio light exercise, one of the photos was an apple against a black backdrop with a flash and reflector used to illuminate different aspects of the the sphere. This reminded me of how the moon is illuminated in the sky, against the black backdrop of space.

Source: sailornamec.tumblr.com

I decided to explore this idea further in assignment 4 by attempting recreate the phases of the moon using an apple. Moonconnection.com explains well how these work, but obviously with the sun as a fixed light source with the moon and the earth moving around it. I would need to cheat in my small space by having the flash (as the sun) moving around the apple.

I plan to use a similar set up to that described in exercise 4.4 and experiment with various power settings on my flash to attempt to replicate the distant, but powerful sunlight.


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