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Big Issue featured photo

I was pleased to be asked by the OCA to feature one of my photos in their promotional piece in the Big Issue North – the featured image is a scan of the magazine page, from issue no. 1132, 22 May 2016.

There was some learning in this for me, having never submitted a photo to a magazine. The instruction came that ‘the image provided should be 300 dpi’. But that was the only information – as dpi is a physical measurement, I would surely also need to know what dimensions? Unless there was some unspoken code of which I wasn’t aware.

Having failed to send a large image file through the OCA email (because of size constraints), I eventually shared the image through Dropbox. However, I later found the handy guidelines on the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) website – they are very detailed, but for future reference, I’ve concluded that an image formatted for A4 at 300dpi should be suitable for most purposes.


PPA [website]. pic4press. Available from: http://www.ppa.co.uk/resources/guides-and-standards/production/pic4press/ [accessed 23.5.16]


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