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A2 EYV preparation

This mind map pools my reflections in preparation for assignment 2: Collecting. Prior to the shoot, I’ve defined my ideas for the views option:

  • Location – trek around Malham Dale, in the Southern Yorkshire Dales – one of the most popular / photographed areas. Following what’s along the route (water/limestone/woodland) ref Jem Southam.
  • Photograph differently to the popular images – deep depth of field/saturation – impression of viewing as outsider, not part of landscape.
  • Theme of isolation within a landscape of brutal-beauty ref Fay Godwin.
  • Close view point to objects with narrow DOF. A different perspective on the usual approach to Dales photography.
  • B&W or colour – leaning towards B&W because of it’s starkness, but not sure if it will work with blurred backgrounds through limited DOF. Will make final decision on processing.

Collecting(click to enlarge)

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