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A2 EYV – feedback

This post summarises the feedback I received from my tutor on assignment 2, collecting, and the points I will follow up before submitting my next assignment.

The overall feedback was ‘a technically competent and cohesive series’. A need to make the series cohesive was fed-back after assignment 1, so I’m pleased I achieved this. There are some specific areas for follow up:

  1. I made a statement about wanting to show isolation and beauty and am recommended to think more deeply about whether photographs can show this.  In particular to look at the work of Elina Brotherus (for isolation) and for beauty, read about Kant (the sublime and beautiful) and Francette Pacteau’s Symptom of Beauty.
  2. I will resit the work of Ansel Adams and consider it from the perspective of propaganda as part of challenging what can be understood by landscape photography practice and break from the mould of a ‘stock-style’ aesthetic.
  3. Read Inside/Out by Abigail Solomon-Godeau to inform experimentation with my approach in communicating a feeling of being a part of, rather than outside looking in (something I was seeking to achieve in my series).

Finally, pointers for the next assignment (verbatim):

Please analyse your photographs before submission – do they communicate your ideas? If not please don’t be afraid to revisit and reshoot. Please don’t be scared to experiment – put your self in the image, and push the boundaries. I would like to see your aesthetics move away from Cornish et al.

Tutor’s feedback is attached as pdf: andrew_fitzgibbon_assignment_2_feedback

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