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David Sault, Ilkley Camera Club

On 20 November 2015, I attended a presentation by David Sault, a fine art photographer.

He discussed what he saw as the difference between fine art and contemporary photography; the former being more concerned with line, form, light and composition and the later with the expression of concepts.

Source: davidsaultphotography.com
Source: davidsaultphotography.com

He talked through different aspects of his work, including that he works in ‘portfolios’ or to different themes or ideas. He emphasised the importance of expressing an idea and having a reason for taking a photography – having the photography reflect your own vision.

It was interesting to hear how the work of artists (painters) inspired him – not that he attempted to mimic their style but took ideas from┬áthe concepts expressed in their work.

He showed some powerful images, which he’d used different processing techniques in Photoshop. These can seen on his website, along with some tips on using Photoshop.

An interesting evening at a local camera club!


David Sault [website]. Available from: http://www.davidsaultphotography.com [accessed 21.11.15]

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