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Salford Quays, Manchester

Ex 3.3 Viewpoint

Find a good viewpoint, perhaps fairly high up (an upstairs window might do) where you can see a wide view or panorama. Start by looking at the things closest to you in the foreground. Then pay attention to the details in the middle distance and, finally, the things towards the horizon. Now try and see the whole landscape together, from the foreground to horizon (you can move your eyes). Include the sky in your observation and try to see the whole visual field together, all in movement (there is always some movement).

Shot with Panasonic LX100, efl 24mm. ISO 800, f/8 for 1/250 sec.

I picked a high vantage point from a multi-storey carpark.  I selected the camera settings for a good depth of field and a wide angle. I composed the frame to set the road as a diagonal across the frame, to draw the eye through the photo.

It wasn’t a busy time of the day, so I spent sometime just watching an waiting for movement throughout the frame. I found the act of watching and waiting meditational; lost in what I was doing. I am trying to discipline myself to take fewer photos and spend more time watching and waiting – partly to take better photos and partly to reduce the time editing many unsatisfactory photos. This exercise helped reinforce this habit.

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