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Ex 4.2 Light at times of day

In manual mode take a sequence of shots of a subject of your choosing at different times on a single day. It doesn’t matter if the day is overcast or clear but you need a good spread of times from early morning to dusk. You might decide to fix your viewpoint or you might prefer to ‘work into’ your subject, but the important thing is to observe the light, not just photograph it. Add the sequence to your learning log together with a timestamp from the time/date info in the metadata. In your own words, briefly describe the quality of light in each image.

exercise 4.2

Image 1 was taken around 6am before the sun was fully over the horizon. The light is cold and flat, with very little tonal variation in the landscape.

Image 2 was taken around 8am once the morning sun was up. The light is soft and cool, casting long shadows across the land and picking out highlights in the trees.

Image 3 was taken around mid-day. The light is flat, but much warmer than in image 1. There is a haziness in the distance, with the sun warming the damp ground.

Image 4 was taken mid-afternoon. The light is more complex than mid-day, bringing out different tones of green in the landscape and areas of light an shade. It has a clear, warm feel.

Image 5 was taken in the evening. The light is at its most complex, showing deep shadows and highlights across the landscape. It is warm and soft.

There is a significant difference in the feel of each of these images, showing how light can help to create different moods. The exercise emphasises the importance of considering when to photograph as well as what to photograph.

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