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g) 90mm efl f/4.0 for 1/105 sec

Ex 1.3 Line

(1) Line – depth

Taken around an Oxfordshire farm house and through the window of a closed coffee shop in Amsterdam. The perspective lines all have a powerful guiding effect on the eye, leading it through the image.  A lower view point also flattens the perspective, making a fat triangle from the converging lines.

_DSF1739(2) Line – flattened

Taken around Leeds City Centre. ISO set to 1600, but didn’t spot the slow shutter speed – must take more care over settings! Some shots looking down and others looking up.  The images are flattened and take on an abstract effect. e) is noticeable for the lack of perspective between the higher and lower floors – if shot without the visual clue of the railing, perhaps the man in the foreground would look like a giant.

I found it harder than expected to find high vantage points – there is so much safety glass everywhere obscuring the view (the bridge in the train station was impossible!).

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