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a) 90mm elf f/5.6 for 1/40sec

Ex 1.4 Frame

All around Leeds in fading winter light.  ISO set at 1600 – didn’t pick up the slow shutter speeds in some of the shots, but they don’t appear to have done much damage.  Must get into to the habit of regularly checking these in fading light and ramp up the ISO.

The exercise surprised me, in a good way. The attention to the main subject within a area of the frame seems to have created a stronger focal point for the images.  I think partly composition and partly focus of the subject with narrow DOF.

Image a) is busy, but the sharper focus on the ladies talking and the diagonal lead in of the chairs makes the main subject clear.

a) 90mm elf f/5.6 for 1/40sec
a) 90mm elf f/5.6 for 1/40sec

In i) the bright lights of the varieties sign initially draw in the eye, but the focus is on the bagel nash sign – once noticed the eye bounces between the two signs.

The vivid red of the stop signs in f) and j) is eye-catching, but f) works better as a composition, with the eye drawn up the photo to the imposing ‘stop’.

e), g), and h) are all general street scenes.  However, in h) the focus is unexpected on the stop sign rather than the man in the foreground. This confuses the eye – thinks the interest should be the person, but is drawn to the in-focus sign.

d) has an abstract quality. While the main subject of the light reflected in the window is at the top of the frame, the eye is almost immediately draw to it by its brightness and the verticals of the pillars leading towards it.

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