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Ex 2.2 Long vs Short focal length

Select your longest focal length and compose a portrait shot fairly tightly within the frame in front of a background with depth. Take one photograph. Then walk towards your subject while zooming out to your shortest focal length.

exercise 2.2

The extremes of focal length on the zoom lens (Lecia summilux 1:1.7-2.8 /10.9-34) create very different perspectives. At 24mm the foreground is widened (including rounding of the subject’s face) and the background is also widened¬†in the distance but in middle ground, the subject now obscures the building and lady walking behind him.

Technical weakness in these shots Рtoo focused on the exercise with the focal lengths that the slow shutter speed and small aperture were not noticed at the time Рhas impacted the sharpness of the images.  Must remember SETTINGS before every shot.

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