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EYV ‘feed forward’

This post deals with feedback from my successful EYV assessment. In so far as it needs to be addressed within the C&N course. In brief:

  • The information in the blog could be more clearly laid out – eg not immediately clear to access the ‘research & reflection’ section. The recommendation was to use a separate learning log for each course. Some confusion was perhaps caused with C&N materials appearing in the current posts feed. Rather than creating a separate blog, I’ve solved this by simplifying the menu structure so that only the course to be assessed is visible to the viewer and using standard drop-down menus that echo the course modules – creating menus from relevant categories and using a fixed home page (about) so the reader is not directed to posts of subsequent courses. There is no need for a separate Word Press database, just a clearer way of displaying relevant content.
  • ‘Pay attention to the relationship between the image and the text in the learning log’ – I think this may relate to reworked assignments, where I did not necessarily include relevant text from the first attempt at the assignment, making it difficult to clearly get a feel for the final assignment. Something to address in C&N.
  • ‘At the moment my blog is quite text-heavy’. I think this was in response for my tutor’s request to demonstrate that I am fully engaged in theoretical aspects and reference relevant photographers. I’ll need to take a fresh view on how much text to include based on this feedback.



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