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Flickr cover image

A note for future reference and perhaps refinement. I’ve started over again with Flickr and I wanted to change my url and the only way to do this is scrap your account and start over. But how do you take control over the placement of the Flickr header image? After some trial and error and hunting the internet, this method produced the best results (though still not perfect):

  • Create a black canvas in PS with dimensions of 2048×768 pixels.
  • Size the desired image to 2048×328 pixel dimensions and place it centrally in the black canvas. So you end up with something like this:






  • Export as a jpg, with the long-side of the file size to 2048 pixel to resize the image to something upload-friendly.

The end result on my Flickr page can be seen here (link). It is perhaps not the best choice of image as Flickr seems to overlay the image and make it duller – when it comes to an update, I’ll try something brighter.

I’ll also keep a look out for better solutions!


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