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Using Flickr Maps

As part of my research into GPS tagging of photos, I’m looking at how the tagged photos can be used. Here, I look at Flickr maps.

As part of a rethink on my use of Flickr (after starting this course), I’ve decided to organise postings into albums for individual projects or shoots and to add explanations to photographs and GPS tag them all. So, I’ve taken down all old photos and started from scratch.

My first album, ‘Warszawa’, draws a contrast between the tourist sights of Warsaw and the ‘other side of the river’. Flickr maps allows me to see my journey around the city and the placement of the photographs.  I can also share a link to the map – https://www.flickr.com/photos/fitzgibbonpics/map?&fLat=52.2448&fLon=21.0312&zl=13&order_by=recent, which is a good way of adding context to the images and engaging the viewer.

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