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Fonts Inspired By Sound, Music and Dance

Music has the power to move us to tears, make us smile and even make us angry. Expressions born of sound, such as dance, have the same powers.

One of my fellow students suggested that I consider a more ‘musical’ font for use in my C&N A2 project. What a great idea! While I’m aware of typography, I hadn’t thought about certain fonts signalling certain activities or moods. Another world to explore.

To keep things simple for my current project, I found a useful guide to fonts related to music on the Design Your Way website. I couldn’t resist AHDN (a hard day’s night) – I downloaded the font from dafont.com; it was simple to install to my Mac by clicking the download to launch the installer. The font was then available in Photoshop.

The font is in action in my assignment.


Design Your Way [website]. 15 interesting fonts inspired by the sound of music and dance. Available from: http://www.designyourway.net/blog/resources/15-interesting-and-unusual-fonts-inspired-by-sound-music-and-dance/ [accessed 30.1.16]

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