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Ex 3.1 Frozen moment of time

Using fast shutter speeds, try to isolate a frozen moment of time in a moving subject.

I made these images in my hotel room, using a running tap, a glass and two oranges. After the initial shots (not included here), I added some torn pages from a hotel magazine to provide a contrasting background, rather than a pure white sink. The camera used was a Ricoh GR – what I was travelling with at the time.

orange-1As an experiment, I shot the same image using the built-in flash.  This achieved the same affect as the fast shutter-speed without the problems of lighting. To overcoming the lighting challenges, I used high ISOs and in the absence of of any spot-lights also experimented with the flashlight on my iPhone, which worked surprisingly well at close distance (even if it was a little wet by the end).

The image here is the most successful (with the iPhone adding light). What to the naked eye was an overflow of water from a glass, becomes a bubbling, splashing meeting of water and orange. 1/2000 at f/5.6, ISO 25600.

Attached below is contact sheet with some of the other images and exposure data. My main observations from this exercise are that the subject requires some orchestration, and it would also benefit from the use of technology and special lighting (see my post on Harold Edgerton).

Orange Splash




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