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Jason Evans

In the feedback from my last assignment, I was encouraged to look at the work of Jason Evans. Specifically, his recent book NYLPT (New York London Paris Tokyo) that includes multiple-exposure pieces alongside music (music was the theme in my assignment). I also looked at some of his web-published work.

NYLPT is about ‘chance’ overlays during multiple exposures – Macbooks’ website includes a pdf with some examples of the images. Evan’s approach to the work seems to echo that of music making – in the background there is skill and experience, but the work itself appears improvised and left to chance. There is not too much detailed forethought to what is shot. But it works, just as an improvised solo from a skilled musician works.

The Daily Nice is a website that features a new photo everyday that pleases Evans in some way. The photos are taken with a snapshot camera – Evans doesn’t own a smart-phone and ‘likes to keep his technologies separate’. There are no words, no explanations, no links. Evan’s reflects on 10 years of running the site in an interview with It’s Nice That website. He is refreshing direct in his dialogue:

The filters on Instagram and other similar sites could be seen as exercises in turd polishing and then there’s the nostalgia.

The concept is simple – to remind Evans to keep looking for things everyday that are nice to photograph. I like it, not over-thought, not over-polished, just captured.

Evans’s own website is an interesting puzzle – no explanations or social media sharing, but a page of recent photos and a biographical page. The puzzling thing is as you flick between the two pages, the images change each time – slightly disorientating, but a nice surprise. Somehow the images are banal, yet captivating; just thrown together without careful presentation, like a scrap-book. A refreshing change from over-polished presentation. Perhaps like unpolished music can be a refreshing change from over-polished ‘turds’!


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