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JH Engström

JH Engström was recommended research for the first assignment, ‘My Square Mile’.

Foam Photography Museum in Amsterdam featured an exhibition by JH Engström in 2014 and describes his work on its website – http://www.foam.org/visit-foam/calendar/2014-exhibitions/jh-engstrom – accessed 8.3.15. The gallery describes his work as follows:

“JH Engström’s photographs – which always reflect his engagement with his surroundings – reveal the loneliness and absurdity of the human condition. Engström uses his camera and its artistic possibilities to communicate in a meaningful and direct way with the viewer. He also shares his doubts about whether it is possible to truly understand what life is about. He explores various photographic genres such as the self-portrait, landscape, the snapshot and aerial photography.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 23.11.45

The images are interesting because while artistic they appear to of someone’s surroundings captured in a family album – they have the feeling of snapshots, a rough processing gives them an intimacy with the subjects; as if they were taken by someone who was part of the group, rather than a photographer observing the group.

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