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John Davies – Fuji City

Creativity’ is the assessment criterion that seems to create a sense of bafflement, if not downright confusion, in many Level 1 students. As you can see from the taxonomy, the descriptors include imagination, invention, experimentation and development of a personal voice … One way you can measure‘personal response’is to tackle a popular subject that has been photographed thousands of times before. (OCA. Expressing Your Vision, p92)

In this context I looked at the work of John Davies. In his work Fuji City, Japan 2008 he breaks away from the stereotypical images of the photogenic Mount Fuji. He sets the mountain as a back drop to various photos of the industrial sites of Fuji City. In the series of images the mountain appears as an ever-present god overlooking the banality of industrial scenes. There is not a fleck of cherry-blossom in sight, no watery reflections, nor any Japanese temples. There is the story of everyday life under the mountain.

The images present a seemingly unique and interesting vision. However, they are also banal in themselves, with a snapshot ethos. No drama captured or added in post-processing.


John Davies website: http://www.johndavies.uk.com [accessed 18 July 2015]

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