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Keith Arnatt: I’m a Real Photographer

Keith Arnatt was recommended research for the first assignment, ‘My Square Mile’.

http://www.maureenpaley.com/exhibitions/past/2013/keith-arnatt – accessed 8.3.15. Shows that there was an exhibition, but unfortunately no useful examples of Keith Arnatt’s work.

I found an interesting commentary in the e-zine Studio International on Keith Arnatt’s 2007 exhibition at the ‘Photographers’ Gallery’ http://www.studiointernational.com/index.php/keith-arnatt-i-m-a-real-photographer – accessed 8.3.15. This was based around his 2007 book, ‘I’m a real photographer’. The commentary explains how Arnatt’s work draws on everyday objects, with rubbish featuring heavily. It shows some examples of the work.

The close view point of the objects lends them an abstraction from the everyday objects they in fact are. My eye is encouraged to linger to understand the images – I should work at somehow leaving part of the story in images untold; to create curiosity.

Keith Arnatt




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