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Kevin Newark – Protoplasm

I was recommended by my tutor check the work of Kevin Newark as my first assignment referred to decay and renewal.

By Kevin Newark


© Kevin Newark
By Kevin Newark


http://theexposureproject.blogspot.com/2009/05/kevin-newarks-protoplasm.html – accessed 4.3.15 provides Kevin Newark’s description of his work:

“”My practice resonates around the themes of space, time, anxiety and displacement. In photographing discarded plastic carrier bags found in the canals of East London, I looked to find some solace for the exiled soul of the plastic bag. After short, useful lives, discarded plastic bags enter into a perpetual state of retirement, their spent utility a metaphor for our own mortal anxiety, whereas the demise of plastic is a distant, uncertain prospect. The moment of disclosure (cognition) is delayed to induce a sense of disorientation allowing the viewer to disassociate themselves from the dogma of optical faith.”

The images of plastic bags look somehow celestial or like animals from the depths of the ocean – lonely.  The photographer has transformed the ordinary into something extraordinary through his work.

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