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Litho effect in Photoshop

Notes on experimentations in Photoshop this morning. Useful things I found:

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 13.15.251) Solid colour layers – different from filling a layer, because the colour can be adjusted at anytime, even sampled from an original layer using the eye-dropper tool.

2) Apply B&W conversion first to experiment with litho effect – colour layers and layer masks to isolate to different elements. Future experiments with gradient masks etc.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 09.55.05

3) Grain effect over litho – create using neutral grey level, add noise, and Gaussian blur.  Use blend-if options in the layer to cut grain from the highlights and restrict to the darker tones.

Needs further experimentation – layer masks and colour layers to build up a litho image is the next area to work on.

Update – example of colour layer and layer masks:


photo walk with Luis in Madrid, Spain  November 2015 photos by Andrew Fitzgibbon


Bennett L [YouTube video]. Lithography Using the Century Plate. Available from:https://youtu.be/tvRWkvl2kO8 [accessed 22.11.15]

MoMa [YouTube video]. Pressure + Ink: Lithography Process. Available from:https://youtu.be/nUXDltQfqSA [accessed 22.11.15]

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