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The moving instrument

Experimenting with breaking the rules – in preparation for the ‘my square mile shoot’. UNSTEADY CAMERA. Tried a number of shots’ rotatating, spinning, moving up, moving down, jumping, moving across with the camera as the shot was being taken. I foundthat the best action is in the wrist (a bit like picking a guitar) as there is more control over the movement. Moving across vertical lines just creates a mess. Rotating and moving up/down creates some interesting effects. I was surprised by the vortex! Some examples below. All with Ricoh GR, full auto, ISO 200.



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  1. Alison says:

    I want to try the vortex one! Does a tardis appear in the next shot?
    It’s a bit like the way the brain processes moving patterns so that you “see” something that isn’t there.

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