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Perfect prints every time review

Following assignment 3, which required the submission of prints, I decided to read further around good practices for printing workflow. I read a number of Robin Whaley’s lightweight books in the past and found them concise and to the point – enough explanation of the principles to get me pointing in the right direction for the practical.

Perfect prints every time takes no longer than a couple of hours to read, but I found it a great help in better understanding the ways of and reasons for a print workflow. The book dispels myths about print size and digital image size, explains the principles of colour management and its application in Lightroom and Photoshop, and discusses the approach to output sharpening and soft proofing.

Importantly, it has increased my enthusiasm for printing images as a tangible output from a digital process. I may even buy a photo printer to get more immediate feedback on the output of my work and increase my learning rate!


Whaley R (2015). Perfect prints every time – how to achieve excellent photographic prints. [Kindle ebook, accessed 20.5.15]

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