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Source: Peter Knight, Flickr

Peter Knight exhibition

I visited Peter Knight’s exhibition of polaroids at Leeds College of Art.  Most of the works can also be viewed on Peter’s flickr page.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 18.21.02
Leeds College of Art catalogue entry

The exhibition had little context, so I’m not sure whether the photographs were taken recently or are old polaroid images (I have asked the artist and will updated if I receive a response). Many of the photos capture high contrast light (particularly the featured image for this post) and I think the lower clarity/detail in the polaroid images brought this contrast to the fore when viewing the images.

The use of polaroid also created the perception that the images were historical, sparking a sense of historical interest when viewing.

I found the lack of detail in the images refreshing, when we are surrounded by high-resolution images. Somehow resting for the eye.


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