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Richard Wentworth – BBC archives

I was recommended by my tutor to research Richard Wentworth. I found this 20 minute video on him from the BBC archives, first broadcast 29.5.88 – ‘how everyday objects can inspire an artist.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/archive/sculptors/12810.shtml – accessed 1.3.15.  The synopsis of the video is ‘Patrick Hughes introduces a look at sculptor Richard Wentworth, who explains why his unconventional work, which focuses on the imperfections in ready-made objects, provokes such strong reactions. Examples abound of Wentworth’s witty takes on the world around him, which challenge the notion of what art actually is, and it is revealed how the sculptor’s own children react to his creations.’

My initial impression was the Richard Wentworth’s art is the stuff that makes me nervous to have my young children around – they would not recognise it as art, but something to play with and move (echoes of an actual experience in MOMA NYC in 2014). However, Wentworth’s own words helped me to understand the art.  It is mainly made from ready-made objects (eg ladders, buckets) and expresses ideas or concepts that Wentworth feels are difficult to express in words; expression in words would be clumsy. One has to think about the pieces to find meaning in them. This type of artistic expression could equally well be applied to photography.

Richard Wentworth - Lisson Gallery



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