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Roni Horn

Roni Horn was recommended research for my first assignment, ‘My Square Mile’.

A short profile of the America artist and photographer is on the Tate’s website http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artists/roni-horn-2402 – accessed 9.3.15. It describes landscape and isolation as influences on her art, inspired by frequent visits to Iceland.

Art21, which describes itself as a chronicler of contemporary art and artists, includes a profile , video of the artist discussing her work, and some images http://www.art21.org/about-art21 – accessed 9.3.15. In the video she talks about her fascination with water and it ultimately reverts to a clear state, whatever it goes through.  This has inspired a series of photo-based images of the river Thames.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 17.37.59

What I find interesting about the image is that as water has no defined shape, how can the image be framed to make it interesting visually? The image reminds me of looking down on a mountain range, with a ridge running from right to left in the lower frame and the brighter light in upper frame, like a horizon. I notice too a brightness running up the middle of the frame, leading the eye to the horizon.

A lesson here is to think deeply about framing, even if the image is not obviously frameable!

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