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Rosy Martin – Too Close to Home

I was recommend by my tutor to research Rosy Martin’s explorations of place and memory, in her work ‘Too Close to Home’.

I found her website (http://www.rosymartin.co.uk/Hi.html – accessed 2.3.15) and enjoyed her personal stories from grief of loosing her father to redecorating her kitchen.  Her words are accompanied by photographs of ordinary things that are a part of her life.  And her website is formatted like a scrap-book.  That is how I felt when looking at the work – like I was looking at someone’s personal scrap-book and would have felt uncomfortable doing so, unless I had been invited.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 08.38.17

I feel that images of everyday objects can perhaps tell interesting stories only with the help of words to provide the context.  I imagine if I saw the images without the verbal context, on Flickr for example, I would take very little notice of them – there would not be enough information to give them meaning.

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