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Rut Blees Luxemburg

Rut Blees Luxemburg (b.1967) carries her large-format camera around night-time London, making only three or four exposures in a month. A Google Images search for her series Liebeslied (My Suicides) reveals a kind of alchemy at work, a secret process that uses artificial light to turn the streets into gold. (OCA photography 1)

In Deeper by Rut Blees Luxembourg. Source: Union Gallery

Luxembourg photographs mostly at night – she discusses this with Colomer, say that she believes a different perspective on the city is revealed in its shadows. Her large format camera requires exposures of 15 to 20 minutes to make the images, so there is no rushing for Luxembourg, who thinks carefully about the interpretation of her work.

The images, apart from the contrasty night-light, are characterised by strong orange and green tones, giving them a warmth, despite that lack of day light. The Guardian shows some good examples of her work and also discusses how it has been used by musicians on their record/cd covers.

I enjoyed Luxembourg’s work and it made realise that I would benefit from practice low-light shots with longer exposures.


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