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Self-portraits web research

I took a few hours out to explore the internet for photographers working with self-portraiture; to increase my awareness of popular photography in this genre, which is unknown territory for me, and for inspiration and ideas for my upcoming assignment.

The references section provides links to websites featuring the work that most interested me. Here are brief notes on each of the artists and my take on their work:

  • Brooke Shaden – composites using her own image in fantasy landscapes. Highly textured post-processing giving the impression of oil paintings / book illustrations. Fantasy-pictorialist? I think a cross-over between graphic art and photography.
  • Robert Bradley’s blog post suggest ways of thinking about self-portraiture and references a few photographers who publish on the web. In summary, put what it is you want to say about yourself before the image.
  • Brian Oldham’s ‘selected works’ show himself composited within unlikely images. Again there is an element of fantasy to this work.
  • De-milked features the work of 14 year old Zev – who uses composites to place miniature versions of himself into scenes – like a Gulliver’s Travels adventure. My impression is that the photos in the composites are carefully shot to ensure a degree of consistency, rather than placed in ‘fantasy’ Photoshop constructs.
  • Flavor-wire provides a round-up of famous photographers’ self-portraits taken in mirrors. Pre-digital, pre electronic-gizzmos!
  • Kyle Thompson’s work features himself within surreal narratives.
  • Mariell Amélie own work places her-self in various scenes, landscape an interiors. She adds human content and a sense scale to the landscapes she photographs.
  • Shaun O’Hagan, the Guardian’s renowned photography critic, gives his take on the 10 best photographic self-portraits.
  • Rosie Hardy shares on her website some of the images from her 365 day self-portraits. These are glamour/fantasy images that don’t tell us much about Rosie Hardy.
  • Roni River’s website tells us she uses self-portraits to help her step out of her ‘safety zone’ and overcome her anxieties.
  • Joel Tjintjelaar shares his top-10 self-portraits; not only photographers. Self-portraiture in particular seems to lend itself well to inspiration across media.
  • Vivien Maier’s self-portraits are studies of herself in reflections – mirrors, windows and anything that reflects!
  • Zang’s blogpost tells us about a 65-year-old female photographer who uses her own image in recreations of famous paintings.

Photographic self-portraiture takes a large variety of forms, with a range of motivations. Much of it may have questionable value as art, but nonetheless create visual spectacles.


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