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Stitching together a landscape

During a family weekend in the English Lakes, I decided to take some photos for a later technical exercise in Photoshop and Lightroom – stitching together individual images to create a large format landscape composite. Here are my notes on the process for future reference:

  • Equipment – sturdy tripod and camera, plus good walking boots.
  • Tripod – set level, so it can be rotated through the scene with the camera maintaining a horizontal line across all shots.
  • Set camera in portrait aspect to avoid elongated landscape when stitched.
  • Camera settings – set all to manual to avoid changes between each shot. In this case, I also used a bracket exposure.
  • Camera movement – move around a third of a frame between each shot. Too much and the image will not stitch well in LR/PS. For this image I took four sets of shots.
  • In LR – use photomerge/pano to combine the images of the same exposure. I used 4 at standard exposure for 1 pano and 4 at under exposure for a second pano (darker sky for details).
  • Blend the two panos in PS, using the sky for the under-exposed image.
  • Make post-processing adjustments either in PS or LR (mostly LR used in this case)

The final image is set as the featured image for this post. Thumbnails of individual shots are below.

landscape contacts

Lesson for next time is to set the middle exposure (for the bracket) to provide a more even exposure of the whole scene rather than worrying about blowing out the sky (the under-exposed shot should take care of that). Alternatively, use a grad filter.


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