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The Street Photographer’s Manual – book review

I bought this book on the back of frequent references to it on street photography websites, other books (including Street Photography Now) and favourable reviews on Amazon.

David Gibson is one of the founder members of In-Public, a street photographers collective, and in this book he shares his views on what constitutes street photography, introduces various renowned street photographers and some ideas on approaches to street photography, illustrated by examples from the featured photographers and Gibson’s own work.

The book draws on Gibson’s experiences of delivering street photography workshops and as well as providing some technical advice and pointers on locations, suggests a number of projects to help create more interesting shots. These are based around themes such as order, blurred, shadows, layers and so on.

The book is written in a very accessible style and the many photos and suggestions are a good source for inspiration. Definitely a book I will dip into again and again prior to street photography shoots.


Gibson D (2014). The street photographer’s manual. London, Thames & Hudson Ltd.


In-Public website. http://www.in-public.com [accessed 21.7.15]

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