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Tracey Welch – 10 years in photography

I visited Tracey Welch’s exhibition in the White Cloth Gallery, Leeds. The gallery describe it as follows:

This exhibition tracks Tracey’s first ten years in professional photography through a collection of her most memorable music images. Intense, intimate, physical and sometimes downright crazy, this is a world that is always and endlessly entertaining and here we can share the experience, clearly captured through Tracey’s uniquely personal perspective.

Tracey appears to be a successful commercial photographer, with an academic background in fine art and photography. The exhibition was of photos taken at large music events (including arenas) across the North of England, featuring some big-name bands such as the Foo Fighters and U2.

White Cloth Gallery with iPhone.

For the most part, the images felt like stage-portraits of band members standing singing or playing, not capturing the dramatic highlights of a performance. I felt there was no unique moment, with the exception of the crowd-surfing scene, that one would not routinely observe while at a concert as part of the audience. I imagine for some there would be enough interest in the photo of a celebrity, but to me it seemed like a missed opportunity to capture dramatic moments that make concert-going an experience.

The exhibition also captured some back-stage moments. I found these images more compelling – showing something of artists that is not normally on show. Giving access to what we don’t normally see.

The format of the Gallery itself contained a cafe-bar and meeting space and was near Leeds Station – I hope this combined used of space provides sufficient funding to maintain the gallery!


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