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Women in Photography – Bradford

On 21 November 2015, I attended a series of lectures, Women in Photography,  organised by the Royal Photographic Society in the National Media Museum Bradford.

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The agenda for the day is attached as a pdf: Women in photography – RPS. In summary, the day included:

  1. Thomas Galifot, curator of photography Musé d’Orsay, on the topic, ‘about (some) women photographers 1839-1919’. This was not about a history of women through photographs but of women photographers in the 100 years to WW1 – 75 women from France, UK and USA. It covered the influence of sexual identity the women’s strategies for success. Galifot told their story through four themes: a) becoming a gazing subject (restrictions on the their environment), b) investing intimacy and the female experience (areas not accessible to men), c) embracing sexual difference, and d) taking the route on manly territories (moving beyond the domestic environment).
  2. Antony Penrose on Lee Miller. Penrose is the Director of The Lee Miller Archives and Lee Miller’s son.  The talk and the images were stunning. A powerful and moving narrative provide by a son about his mother’s work and life story. Particularly her story and images of WW2 and the text she wrote to accompany them. An extraordinary experience!
  3. Linda Marchant on Cornell Lucas – on the theme of ‘women in the frame’. Lucas was the photographer at Pinewood Studios in the 1950s. Marchant discussed the performance of the women stars in front of the camera and the collaboration between photographer and celebrity.
  4. Helen Clarke – talked about her initial research on Vivian Maier as part of a master’s degree project. It was initial ideas on comparison between her work and that of male street photographers in the same broad era.

To top off the day the museum put on display for the lecture attendees some items from its archive. Including, Lucas’ camera (1 of 3 made in the world) and prints of his photos of the famous – I particularly liked the Marlene Dietricht. There was also a signed print of Cartier-Bresson’s!

£5 (with my OCA student discount) very well spent.


Royal Photography Society Event [website]. Women in Photography. Details available from: http://www.rps.org/events/2015/november/21/women-in-photography—bradford [accessed 21.11.15]


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