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WordPress – categories and menus

I’ve restructured my blog in response to assessor feedback on EYV that they found it tricky to navigate. It remains a single blog for all courses, but now reads as if it were a single blog for C&N. A few notes on how this is done for future reference:

  • The WP database is structured around the categories – set up a separate category structure/hierarchy for each course and post every blog entry against the relevant category. Posts can then be extracted and displayed on a blog, using the categories as filters.
  • Set the blog home page as a fixed page (eg an introduction to the blog) – otherwise it defaults to blog posts (all of them that you’ve ever created) – under ‘appearance/customise’.
  • Create a menu structure for the blog using the categories, under ‘appearance/menus’ (see screen dump). ┬áThe menu ‘navigation labels’ can be changed from the category labels that they take on initially to something more understandable. WordPress allows multiple menus to be saved using different names – so for subsequent courses, just create fresh menus based around the categories for those courses.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 18.53.11

  • An archives menu and sub-menus can also be created to view posts from previous courses, without distracting the assessors.
  • It is likely the a subsequent course will be started before the current course is assessed. The menu for the subsequent course can be put in a separate tab (like the archive) and then moved to the fore once assessment is over.

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